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as i read through your comments on monday’s post here, on facebook, and on instagram, i realized i may have come off the wrong way, so let me explain:

1. my 3 boys are a gift from God. no doubt about it. at one point in my life i wasn’t sure if i would ever be able to have children, so 3 (regardless of gender) is such a huge blessing!!

2. the woman behind me did not intend to offend. i know that. and i wasn’t offended! surprised, maybe – but never did her words hurt me or make me feel sad. in reality, i am grateful that she said what she did because it helped me sort out in my own mind what i had been feeling and to focus on what a blessing it is to be a mom of boys.

3. none of us who go to church are perfect. we are all wounded in need of the Great Healer. a quick comment from one of the wounded would not make me seek medical attention elsewhere. that’s all i’ll say about that for now!

thanks for the love and encouragement. it’s an honor to share my thoughts with you here!