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Canon Ivy- The New Photo Printer That You Must Own!

Don’t you love capturing small and big moments? Thank God for Cameras! One click and your moments are saved for a lifetime. Is it for a lifetime? Well, cameras can stop working too. How about a backup like a photo printer, maybe? All hail Canon Ivy!

Undoubtedly, it is an amazing printer that will help you print the most amazing photos in a wink. From the house of Canon comes small little Ivy that will help you in ensuring that you have your most personalized photo printer where ever you go. Canon Ivy.

Canon Ivy Photo Printer

As mentioned by Canon on 19th of April, it is one of the Mini photo printers that you can carry anywhere. It is light and portable. Speaking of budget, I think it is quite a reasonable one.

Canon Ivy Saves Your Memories Forever…

Following are the various benefits of small little Ivy that people can make use of:

  • Little photos

The small Cannon Ivy can help in printing photos that are 2×3 in size. These are known as the zinc photos and absolutely amazing to deal with.

You can get your own personalized photo at just the drop of a hat. But fortunately for you, this is one of the best things that can happen without having to invest much.

Canon Ivy Printer Pink

  • Carry it anywhere

Being portable is one of the best things that this small little printer can be. You can easily carry it anywhere and ensure that you are getting through with the best results with the pictures on the go.

Of course, it operates on the wireless system and therefore there is no problem with the same. Canon Ivy is a blessing for anyone who is always on the go. trekkers, travellers and of course, Instagrammers!

  • An array of colours

This particular printer is available in a range of different colours and people can have an opportunity of choosing the best among them. From light blue to bright pink, you will get Canon Ivy in various shades. Quite a thing to flaunt, eh?

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

Wrap Up

Cameras store your pictures, memories rather. Canon Ivy makes sure that even if the camera functions adversely, your memories are unscathed. Besides being available in cool colours, it enhances the visualization of your picture as well.

The Best Anti-Virus For The Year Of 2018 That You Should Use!

Do you have a device that you use for official or personal purpose? Thus, it is important that you protect your devices 24*7. The Best Antivirus 2018 consists of exclusive features to help your system stay away from malware and bugs along with hackers.

The reason for the same is simple.

The Best Antivirus 2018 not only protects your system. These also update regularly to continue providing top-notch online security. After all, what’s important that your private information on any electronic device?

Best Antivirus

You need to understand the features of these Antivirus 2018 before choosing any of them. Antivirus will keep you safe no matter what.  You must completely make sure of the fact that every year you choose the best antivirus.

What’s The Best Antivirus for 2018?

Following is the list of the best antivirus for the year of 2018 that you can absolutely come across with:

  • Trend Micro Internet Security

The very first on a list is the trend micro Internet Security. It provides you with some of the excellent features and that too in the simplest way possible.

Trend Micro Internet Security

It has one of the best records of detecting the viruses and that is nothing less than 100%. One of the important features that it portrays is definitely the fact that it helps you optimize your social media privacy settings. Also, the data detection skills are incomparable.

  • Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky is one of the Best Antivirus Software of 2018. if you go through the reviews, you’ll know why.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software

It is one of the best of the security services that you can offer your PC as well as Mac devices with. It not only offers you hundred percent direction of any threats but also ensures that there are no false news, updates or any other information.

  • F-secure safe

Speaking of Best Antivirus, we cannot ignore F-secure safe. Apart from detecting viruses, it takes care of your personal VPN and banking details. You will never be allowed to enter any false banking sites without permission at all.

F-secure safe Download

Wrap Up

This is all about the Best Antivirus Software in 2018. Have I missed out on any? You are free to suggest or advise in the comment section below.

Here, I have tried to craft the most relevant and beneficial antivirus software to protect your devices. Whether it is a PC or an Android device, you will always need an antivirus software.

The Mobile Browsers That Treat Android And iOS Differently!

As a matter of fact, surfing the internet on mobile phones is one of the most necessary things that people do these days. There are various things to reach out to and various things to know about. Similarly, Mobile Browsers help you to access everything on the Internet quite easily.

There is a fine line between the mobile browsers and web browsers. Web browsers will also let you access the web on mobile phones. But you may find it navigate certain websites. Also, the speed may be slow.

mobile browsers

But, mobile browsers are meant to serve those accessing Internet on the mobile phones only. There is no reduction in speed. Also, you can navigate every site with equal precision.

List of High-End Mobile Browsers

Following is the list of the various browsers that you can come across with no matter what:

  • Internet

The very first browser on the list that gets you good utilization of is definitely Internet. This particular browser is created by Amazon. Of course, you must necessarily understand that the browser is designed to help the users with excellent browsing experience.

It is absolutely available for free and is extremely light by nature. The size of the file is really important for the people. It is just as small as 7 MB that helps you save a lot of space on your device as well as good amount of internet data as well.

mobile browsers list

  • The Cake Web Browser

Speaking of Mobile Browsers, the Cake Web Browser is certainly one of the best that you can come across with. This is extremely efficient for the people who are on constant internet searches.

Of course with the help of the cake web browser, people can definitely get through easy webpage searches. Moreover, you can also save and store data from online sources.

Cake Web Browser

If you are an Android user then you can definitely make the best use of this particular Mobile Browser.

  • Microsoft Edge

Who does not know Microsoft? The recent edition of Microsoft Edge browser is something that people cannot get enough of. It is because the efficient browser helps them surf the internet without any problem.

microsoft edge browser

It’s true that it is built on the same platform like Chrome. Additionally, there are certain unique features that you can make the most of. It also works on iOS and Android at the same time.

Top 5 Chrome Antivirus Software To Prevent Hacking From Your Systems

Do you have any record of the increasing number of cyber crimes taking place in today’s world? It is humongous. Staying away from cybercrimes is not possible. But, I’ll tell you what’s possible. Chrome Antivirus Software is possible. Strong Internet Security is possible. Prevention before the cure is possible.

Strong online security is a must today. You can achieve this by putting strong passwords, and going for transactions only on those sites that are SSL certified.

Chrome Antivirus Software

These are not enough for your cyber safety. There is more to this to remain safe and stress-free. One such easy method to protect your online life is to add a chrome extension to your chrome browser.

Recently, Chrome has launched a series of Chrome Antivirus Software that you will get in there extensions.

Chrome Antivirus Software – An Overview

  • Pure VPN

None can take the place of Pure VPN. Being the leading VPN site, it provides users online privacy that does not match easily and advanced security.

Pure VPN Login

The speedy internet access makes it widely acclaimed. Besides, it does not ask for log maintenance. This Chrome Antivirus Software lets you enjoy unlimited streaming, cent percent secured browsing, and display of a host of servers.

  • Trustware Secure Browsing

If you want to make searches easier and surf online safely, opt for Trustware Secure Browsing. It is a free browser that links to several search engines like Bing, Google, and social networking sites.

Its features are:

  • Easy to use
  • Ratings beside each link
  • Real-time security
  • It will not track the history of the user,
  • It will not install any additional programs.

Zen Mate

It is another extension that is beneficial to online security. Beginning from encryption of online traffic to hiding your IP address Zen Mate does an excellent job.

Its features consist of: provides complete security and privacy without bringing any hindrance to your freedom, very trusted software used by millions all over the globe, enjoy internet service without any fear or restrictions, procures unlimited bandwidth and fast internet speed.

Moreover, it does not follow any restrict logging policy.


Similarly, Ghostery is built on the same constraint for a clean, fast and safe online experience. Once you add this to chrome, it will protect you from targeted advertising, site analytics or social media by providing you with the option to block some or all of them.

Ghostery Security Services

This Antivirus Software includes blocking unnecessary trackers, displaying multiple dashboards, getting details about the tracker, block trackers automatically, optimizes page performance, and above all, protects privacy.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear looks up to getting access to blocked sites with full-on protection, reduces ads or websites to track you, get up to 500 MB for free each month, get 1 GB on tweeting on their tweeter handle, browse unlimited data.

TunnelBear VPN

How Can Your Routers Be A Good Hiding Place For Cyber Criminals?

How do you access the internet? Well, previously internet came to your houses with the help of broadband or dial-up connections. Then came the various routers and dongles of different mobile connections.

Today, we are surrounded by the Internet all 24 x 7 by either routers or dongles. All credit goes to the wireless accessories that enable us to share one internet connection amongst many. And, surprisingly, the connection is also among cybercriminals.

UpnP Sysrtem Security

Sharing Is Caring – Not Always…

A Massachusetts-based cloud service named Akamai is one of the world’s largest cloud services. It keeps a track of what is happening on the internet presently. They continuously keep an eye on the tremendous amount of negative vibes going on in the internet every minute.

On researching, the Akamai team found out that presently, there has been a disturbing trend revolving around the internet. The criminal hackers are entering into people’s routers to cover their tracks.

The cybercriminal uses a common router feature known as the UPnP or the Universal Plug and Play. Using this method, they not only use people’s router service illegally but also enter into other’s private data. This can cause you much harm. You never know when you will be attacked.


What Does UPnP Do?

UPnP is a detrimental service used by the hackers that allow Internet-connected devices to make sudden changes to a chosen router’s configuration. If an external agent changes the configuration, your work is done. At the same time, you don’t need to make a haywire.

The UPnP system behaves differently. But at one place it is the same as any other computer device. Just like you connect a keyboard mouse or printer, the UPnP behaves almost similarly.

How Is UPnP Bad For Routers?

It is impossible to have the patience to tickle their router’s admin page to set up a security camera, or a doorbell or smoke alarm that will keep you notified of hazards. But Akamai has found out that the secret web hackers are using such techniques and pathways that hide all of their activities.

Till date, the effects of these hackers have been limited. As per the report of Akamai, there are 65,000 routers that have been under the hands of hackers. If delayed in restoring and taking safety measures, the problem can get much worse.

Routers Hacked

More than 4.8 million routers are at risk all over the globe. This number includes about 400 models of routers; the most common among them are D-Link, Belkin, Asus and Netgear.

If your router is trapped in between this mess you can appoint a cybersecurity force to detect it. In the beginning, the activities of a hacker would look like the same as your routers IP address, password of your computer, tablet, smartphone and the like. But do not get moved by it.

Get hold of a safety measure quickly.