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Best Printers of 2018: Latest Printer for Home Use

What is your checklist while buying printers? Well, some, in particular, may be color, capacity, laser or inkjet, etc. But surely, there are other aspects you must keep under consideration.

A printer is more than just a printing machine. Well, for one thing, it is an important aspect of office workflow.

The most important aspect of using a good printer is printing reliability and efficiency. You never have to worry about the quality specifically the hardware.

Also, when we look forward to the price, our pockets get mushy. I wouldn’t vouch for a costly printer. Because I have seen Canon printer malfunction, the choice is difficult.

Therefore, before you buy a printer, you must keep in mind-

  • The printer brand is well-known
  • It doesn’t break down due to overwork.
  • It is portable so as to fit the environment
  • Your pockets the lighter than before.

Then again, I say you go for wireless rather than sticking to wired ones. Wireless printers have an amazing capability for mobility and remote connection.

By and large, the year 2018 has given us some of the finest printer models. And, it would be a sin not to introduce them to you.

best printers

Kyocera ECOSYS M2540dw

That is not a name to hear every day. Surprisingly enough, it surely is one of the best printers models of 2018.

As long as you rely on multifunction, Kyocera ECOSYS give it all on a budget. The best part is, you can trust its efficiency in the long run.

The color pixel adjustment, scanning efficiency, hardware reliability, and printer driver security- it is one of the best lesser-known printers out there.

HP OfficeJet 4650

It is not unusual to have an inkjet printer on the list until now. HP has built trust based on years of efficient printing solutions.

One of the best advantages of this model is cartridge longevity in any case. It’s ink cartridges have efficient ink spilling solutions making it ink-efficient.

Furthermore, it is known to take care of ink spews and spillage. The usage is easy too. The automatic settings have been taken care of.

In short, it is one of the best home printers in the market. At any rate, dust, paper burrs, ink spills can never reach your printing paper.

Brother HL2340dw

What if I say that you can get a Laser printer within your best budget?

No sooner people expected this, Brother printer HL2340dw came to the scenario.

This is one of the most efficient and durable laser printers you will ever come across. In the light of a blind trust, Brother has put special attention to the hardware.

The finest aspect of this model is quality printing. Laser printers are known for their outstanding performance. And Brother printer has just created a benchmark in 2018.

Additionally, I have got a few more names for you. Although they didn’t make the list, yet they are a sure-shot.

And thus, Epson SureColor P800 17 makes a name for itself. Following the recent trends in printing, HP LaserJet Pro series is something you must look forward to buying in 2018.

Yet, I am sure you have other suggestions in mind. Why don’t you let me know? Who knows, your suggestions might make the list of best printers in 2018.

The Best and Worst Antivirus of 2018: Know Your Final Security Choice

Cybersecurity is something you cannot compromise with. In view of the latest breaches, online safety is a must priority.

Would it be wrong to say that antiviruses are our only choice? Perhaps not. They at least help you understand what malware you are up against.

Accordingly, every antivirus software has their own set of weapons. After all, every second of your online presence is important from a security point of view.

But among the number of antivirus programs, which one can you rely on? Of course, we have seen 2018 introduce some finest security features and antivirus software.

Nevertheless, we can compare security easily based on certain aspects.

By comparison, we have two polls to look out for. If I go by expert ratings, Kaspersky Premium wins the race.


What New Kaspersky Introduced in 2018?

Did Kaspersky really steal data? Well, Russians have quite a knack for hacking.

Under those circumstances, the developers had to do something. And so, Kaspersky Antivirus played a masterstroke.

Now, they can keep a private eye on your online presence. So, you can see what file tried an unauthorized access to your PC.

The premium version is worth every dollar. I vouch for that. Kaspersky’s Firewall is one of the most efficient offline security providers.

Then again, I remember Windows Defender whenever I mention Firewall. No doubt, the Microsoft powered Defender updates and restricts efficiently. At length, it had disadvantages.

Windows Defender couldn’t control a parsing ransomware. It simply gets associated with your digital transactions. As a result, your monetary security can be compromised.

Kaspersky does the job for you. It’s browsing scheme protects your online transactions. But, there is much more to it.

The recent update says that Kaspersky is planning to provide an alternate browser gateway.

Which is?

An alternate path from your browser where you can pay online. Of course, the security would be controlled by Kaspersky Internet Security.

So far, so good!

However, if I see the people’s choice, Bitdefender has much to say. The best part is it’s amazing UX and menu laid on the table.

All options are available on the homepage. And the app- it is a must try!

But not all antivirus programs are that efficient. Yes, we have a loser as well.

Are You Really Looking to Download K7?

I remember my friend calling K7 antivirus a chewing-gum. That is, K7 has got a bad habit.

It follows the principle of never to uninstall. Once this gets installed on your system, uninstalling is something of a dream.

Moreover, it leaves some component or feature behind when you use its official uninstallation app.

But, does it do the job well?

Surely not, or else International Cybersecurity Council would not have given it a 3 rating.

The offline security features of K7 are not quite up to the mark. In the same fashion, its online security features are weak as compared to others.

So you see, the list is open to you. I hope this comparison helps you in choosing the best security antivirus for your protection.

Data Recovery Software For Windows PC & Laptops

Accidental deletion often happens in PC and Laptops. And sometimes you delete the data not knowing you might need them later. Incidents like this often make you wish for something that could bring your lost data back. We are here to answer your prayers. In this article, we have summed up a few Best Data Recovery Software for Windows PC & Laptops. Let’s begin.

Data Recovery Software For Windows


List Of Data Recovery Software For Windows: – 

  1. Puran File Recovery – This is one top grade software for recovering the data in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 10, 8, 7. It has a very user-friendly interface and can check any travel over the Windows. It comes with many advanced options and can unravel the documents more than any other software. Also, if there is a deleted partition that hasn’t been overwritten yet, it can recover that as well. You can port it between 32-bits and 64-bits Windows versions and doesn’t require installation.
  2. Disk Drill – This is one of the best free data recovery software for Windows PC and laptops. It has a very simple and easy layout and is capable of recovering data from any storage system virtually. You can also have this software examine the image files before recovering them. It allows you to stop and resume scans. Along with that it can also recover partitions, manage a quick check, do a complete scan, filter file by size or day and copy a whole travel. Besides using it for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 10, 8, 7, you can also use this recovery software in Mac OS X.
  3. Pandora Recovery – This is yet another outstanding data recovery software. It is unbelievably easy to use and comes with an assistant for you to help you undeleting files. Its advanced surface scan fetches far more files than the normal search. This software can undelete files from virtually any storage system that can store files and can be connected to your system. You can use this recovery software in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, 8, 7, 2003 and 2000.
  4. Wise Data Recovery – This data recovery software is easy to install and can scan your system for deleted files in record time. It can also work well with any flash device and removal products. It comes with an instantaneous search function that finds files quickly and easily. Under its recoverability column, you can see the recovery chances of the files categorized as superior, inadequate, very poor or lost. All you have to do is right-click on that file to bring it back. You can use this software in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 10, 8, 7.
  5. Restoration – This recovery software is like any other in the list, but what makes this one stand out is that it comes with one clear to see program window. It has no difficult recovery process or cryptic buttons. It can recover files from any storage media. And the fact that it doesn’t need installation makes it easy to run from a USB drive or a floppy disk. It can be used with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, ME, 98, 95 and 2000.

These are just the top 5 picks from us. The market is flooded with many more and you can pick the one that satiates your need. Go ahead and don’t be scared of losing data anymore, and if you want to recover your data from the hard drive of your Laptop, you can contact to this Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery Service to easily fix your problem.

New Skype Experience for Windows 10: Latest Features

In today’s busy schedule making contact with friends is really tough. Skype is the ideal one to make it possible. It is a software that permits us to contact our family, friends from anywhere in the world. People use Skype to send messages, voices, documents, free videos and calls. It uses for both personal and office purpose.

skype for windows 10

Just 2 months ago Microsoft brings a new version of Skype for Windows 10. It has been updated by a new version of UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app. They bring several changes in this new app. They are-

New Calling Factors:

There are a number of changes of this features. Such as-

  • Microsoft announces a new  “Flexible Group Canvas”. Here, you can choose the contacts from the original call canvas. Not only this, now you can alter between contacts too. For doing this simple drop and drag features are also available.
  • Here, in this updated version now you are able to take “snapshots” also. You can take this while you are in a call too. This is a very user handy feature. So, with the help of this feature, you can take an image of your important file or a memorable time.
  • “Screen sharing”  also an important one. This technology makes it possible to share your screen with others, that too during a call. It also gives access to see your contacts more easily.

Customization Enhancement

Now you can choose a color, and theme for Skype according to your wish. You can customize that too. It enables both dark and light theme in this version. It providing a variety of colors too to customize the app. If you want to modify the colors or theme, then select your “Skype username”. A pop-up window is there, right?  There you will see the options to change all those things.

Get A Trial

Do you want to test the new version of Skype at first? It is also possible.! You just need to engage in the “Skype insider program” and then download the update.  Then, search for the ‘preview builds ‘ of Skype. Next, click on “Join preview”. Now, you are able to try the new version of Skype.

Some Other Changes

This new Skype providing us with some other changes also. For example, changes in chat list, cloud etc. Do you want to know about this in detail? Then read with me the following points-

  • Chat list—  It arranges your contact list by status and time. Now, you can see more contacts on your screen. You can collapse the chats too.
  • Cloud-based—Skype is now cloud-based!. So, you can share the files, images, videos more easily and fast. Not only this, you can share up to 300mb by simply drag and drop the items. This new version consumes less battery also.
  • Cross-device functionalityYou can access on Skype from any devices. It is a multi-device supporter. Such as- desktop, mobile, smart speakers etc. You can get a touch of your friends from any corner of the world.

These are the new features through which you can have a great experience of Skype for Windows 10.

AI Powered Chatbots: Definitive Ways To Reduce Bias

Chatbot uses smart Natural Language Processing and Machine learning to understand a human better. They also provide a natural reply to them for the same. With their highly attainable attributes, AI-powered chatbots are considered one of the most scalable chatbots in the world. But like any other device, these chatbots also tend to fall with time.

AI-powered chatbots


An insight into our life with and without Chatbots!

With time chatbots have grown to become one of the best in the world. We cannot imagine our life now, without having chatbots to ease up our work. Some of the advantages of Chatbots are:

Able to handle generic tasks- Tired of working on the same thing again and again? With chatbot, you don’t have to worry anymore. Take an example here. You need an incoming information sorted. Chatbots will help you organize it all, within minutes. You can use the chatbot as your personal assistant. Your daily work will be managed, starting with your meetings, your expenses, and other details you want it to remember.

Availability and speed- Ai-powered chatbot are best known for their availability and speed. Let us take an example to understand this. Let’s say, you need a doctor late at night. There is absolutely no doctor available at that hour. A chatbot with medical tap option will enable you to have a doctor’s medical advice. It will also suggest a real doctor, to whom you can visit first thing in the morning.

Also great with interaction- AI-powered chatbot is made to deal with humans to make everything easier and simpler for them. To communicate with them more efficiently has been the main criteria of these chatbots.

What makes them lack?

Apart from its unmatched interface and advantages that have been benefiting humans, Ai powered chatbots also have its disadvantages. These disadvantages are:

Narrow- AI-powered can be set to perform a single or similar task but not anymore. Having another chatbot at disposal will, of course, be enough. But it will complicate the process to a maximum.

Cannot be taught everything- Chatbots have made everything easier and simpler but it cannot be taught everything. Chatbots replicate humans but not all things, can be replicated. It still lacks in having some primary details.

Tips to Reduce Bias in AI-powered chatbots!

The future of productivity in the workplace depends solely on speed. The AI-powered chatbots and streamline various labor-intensive routine tasks of the employees easily. Some of the tips to reduce bias in AI-powered chatbots are:

Automatic task- Based On the organization’s needs and requirements, the chatbot enables itself to perform accordingly. The task they automate themselves to includes automating enterprise, intranet content authoring module, other repetitive administrative and office tasks.

Customer service- AI-powered chatbots are continuously reducing human customer services. With rapid advancement in machine learning and natural language processing, chatbots are able to understand customer queries easily.

Digital assistants- Your office work can sometimes become tedious. Having an assistant work for you will reduce your stress and also increase your work productivity. AI-powered chatbots can act as virtual assistants to reduce your stress.

How are Chatbots going to take over the world?

AI-powered chatbots are a perfect embodiment for automating the work of personal assistants, consultants etc. By developing a bot you can now easily increase your work productivity and also increase your profit. With time, these chatbots will become the world’s best devices to perform human tasks fluently and with precision.