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5 useful features for Chrome OS

An Operating system manages your device’s memory and processes along with both software and hardware. It’s the most important software of your device. In other words, without an OS your device is useless.   For the past several months Chrome OS managed to make a thorough progress. It comes with better tablet functionality,  Android app […]

Is LINUX Really Virus-Free : When 17.3 Cinnamon Tasted Bad

It is not at all funny when the security of LINUX is questioned. After all, most of the world’s interface is based on LINUX kernel. Although the percentage of its populous on home PCs is way too less! But we can always ask the million dollar question- is it really safe? If I take the […]

Proven Ways to Resolve Printer Printing Only Two Copies on Windows 10

What if your printer is not listening to you? Printing is a necessity indeed. But it may happen at times that the printing functions works otherwise. That is to say, your device is not following all the printing specifications you entered. Let us narrow it down further. Most of the time, our printing requirements exceed […]