What’s All The Hype About Lite Internet Browser From Amazon?

Can you do wonders with the Internet? If ordering foods, clothes, groceries and even medicines online is a wonder, then yes – the Internet can do wonders. Lite Internet Browser is also one such tiny wonder.

Amazon, the Seattle based online shopping company is the largest retailer in the world in terms of revenue and market capitalization. Also, it stands second in total sales after Alibaba Group. The site began with an online bookstore and later entered into video streaming, MP3 downloads, etc.

Amazon Shopping site

Have I drifted apart from my topic? No, Amazon is responsible for the creation of Lite Internet Browser. All android users in India can get access o it through Google Play Store. It has a bit tough name, “internet: fast, lite and private.”

A bitterly sad news for iOS users – None of the iOS users gets to enjoy the facilities of Amazon Lite. Not yet.

Its launch has been an immensely private affair. The lite first got its attachment with Play Store in the month of March.

Lite Internet Browser Is For Devices With:

  • Lack of storage space and RAM
  • Slow internet connectivity.

Amazon Lite Internet Browser promises its users maximum storage to download and save videos and music. After you download Amazon lite, it will keep on updating you regarding its new features, and updates on a regular basis. You can blindly install these features as they will require very small space.

Don’t Judge The Book By Its Covers!

The size of this web browser is only 2.4 MB. Its compatibility matches best with Android 5.0, Lollipop and many more. Recently, you will notice that lite has only a hundred downloads. Why?

Well, this poor number of downloads because the majority of people are not aware of this browser. Secondly, Amazon lite is not compatible with many smartphones. Unfortunately, the web browser can share its identity with only some of the selected smartphone brands.

Lite Internet Browser

The ones that are not compatible with Amazon lite are Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Oppo A83, and Honor 9 Lite.

The Internet: fast, lite and private bears a homepage similar to that of UC Browser containing websites for Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. You can see them in the top section of the screen. The remaining browser’s space is acquired by a news section. All news provided there deals with the current topic.

Apart from Amazon being lite, the browser serves to browse privately. Amazon claims that the app is entirely private. It does not look for extra permissions for gaining private data. It makes sure that the websites opened in the separate tabs do not track or collect its data.

Lite Web Browser

You can look out for whatever you want without any fear as it will not be traced. Thereby, you need not fear your device being hacked. This is not the first lite mode of Amazon. Previously, Amazon had launched Kindle Lite in India. The Kindle Lite is only 2 MB and can be accessed from Play Store.