Proven Ways to Resolve Printer Printing Only Two Copies on Windows 10

What if your printer is not listening to you? Printing is a necessity indeed. But it may happen at times that the printing functions works otherwise.

That is to say, your device is not following all the printing specifications you entered. Let us narrow it down further.

Most of the time, our printing requirements exceed one copy. It happens to be that everytime your printer is only printing exactly two copies.

Guess the operating system? Windows 10.

Now, we have seen before things get a bit interesting with Windows operating systems. After all, the most widely used operating system might not be the safest one!

Yet, I would not care much except for the fact that my printer works just fine. If it doesn’t, we need solutions accordingly.

So these are the proven ways to fix this issue. You can try any one of the following- the one that suits you the best!

printing issue

Try Reinstalling Your Printer

I started with the easiest solution. Firstly, navigate to Device Manager from your Control Panel. Your printer name should be listed in the menu. You have to delete it.

In the Hardware and Sound section, you will find Devices and Printers. Check all the options available and open Printer Server Properties.

Further, a new pop-up window appears where you need to go to the Drivers Section. Delete all overall printer driver list given.

Finally, in the Run box, hit for %temp% which contains all temporary files and cache. Clean up everything that is available and restart your system.

You can easily all the most important printer drivers from the PC brand website. Download the latest version and you are good to go.

Resetting Settings Helps Too!

If your printer is not printing more than two pages, you can also reset all printing preferences.

This is a useful solution in particular. Resetting printing settings in a way factory restore your entire printer settings.

So, whatever faulty settings caused the issue, it gets eliminated. The primary task is to gain administrative rights over the process.

Therefore, go to Administrative Tools in the Control Panel in order to Add/Remove Servers.

This option is available in the Print Management section. Do you see the option which says ‘Remove All’?

Hit the button because this will change all your printing preferences and choices. The printer settings will be restored to its original and default. And I hope the two copy printing issue will be resolved too.

Did You Check The Number of Pages Set?

  • During the whole two copy printing issue on Windows 10, we major the major cause- page settings.
  • Honestly, it is the basic one. However, I must say that the process is very much different for word, PDF, and web pages.
  • Let me list down the flowchart for you-

For a ‘.doc’ file:

As said earlier- starting with the easiest one.

In the File section, you can find the Print option, right? Now, move on to the Copies section where you can easily adjust the number of copies.

Take care specifically the number you are entering and check the page number of the document to be printed.

The ‘.pdf’ is a bit different:

In the Copies option under the Printer icon, you can easily get the number of copies required for printing. At this point, change the number of copies to be printed and get rid of the printing issue.

The same process follows during web pages as well. There is no need to manually copy the entire content or save. Web pages printing goes straightway to your printer.

Hope your printer is working just fine. Then again, I would love to hear out from you. Reach me out through the comments section and we surely will work out a way for your problems.

Until then, Happy Printing!