How Can Your Routers Be A Good Hiding Place For Cyber Criminals?

How do you access the internet? Well, previously internet came to your houses with the help of broadband or dial-up connections. Then came the various routers and dongles of different mobile connections.

Today, we are surrounded by the Internet all 24 x 7 by either routers or dongles. All credit goes to the wireless accessories that enable us to share one internet connection amongst many. And, surprisingly, the connection is also among cybercriminals.

UpnP Sysrtem Security

Sharing Is Caring – Not Always…

A Massachusetts-based cloud service named Akamai is one of the world’s largest cloud services. It keeps a track of what is happening on the internet presently. They continuously keep an eye on the tremendous amount of negative vibes going on in the internet every minute.

On researching, the Akamai team found out that presently, there has been a disturbing trend revolving around the internet. The criminal hackers are entering into people’s routers to cover their tracks.

The cybercriminal uses a common router feature known as the UPnP or the Universal Plug and Play. Using this method, they not only use people’s router service illegally but also enter into other’s private data. This can cause you much harm. You never know when you will be attacked.


What Does UPnP Do?

UPnP is a detrimental service used by the hackers that allow Internet-connected devices to make sudden changes to a chosen router’s configuration. If an external agent changes the configuration, your work is done. At the same time, you don’t need to make a haywire.

The UPnP system behaves differently. But at one place it is the same as any other computer device. Just like you connect a keyboard mouse or printer, the UPnP behaves almost similarly.

How Is UPnP Bad For Routers?

It is impossible to have the patience to tickle their router’s admin page to set up a security camera, or a doorbell or smoke alarm that will keep you notified of hazards. But Akamai has found out that the secret web hackers are using such techniques and pathways that hide all of their activities.

Till date, the effects of these hackers have been limited. As per the report of Akamai, there are 65,000 routers that have been under the hands of hackers. If delayed in restoring and taking safety measures, the problem can get much worse.

Routers Hacked

More than 4.8 million routers are at risk all over the globe. This number includes about 400 models of routers; the most common among them are D-Link, Belkin, Asus and Netgear.

If your router is trapped in between this mess you can appoint a cybersecurity force to detect it. In the beginning, the activities of a hacker would look like the same as your routers IP address, password of your computer, tablet, smartphone and the like. But do not get moved by it.

Get hold of a safety measure quickly.