To Do Away The Biases That Rankled In The Society: Microsoft Improves Facial Recognization Technology

The phones you are using, like MICROSOFT or iPhone, is using facial recognition technology to unlock your phone. This is the latest method, and it will be accurate. So your phone is safe and secure.

The sensor that is found in your device, will be monitoring the individual facial parts and use this to recognize his or her identity.

How Microsoft Is Using The Facial Recognization Technology

MICROSOFT  is also not exceptional to this, they have enacted this identifying model where they are monitoring the user and is detecting their identity.So there is hardly any chance of mistake. This is the latest trend that you will find to rule in the tech market. 


Phone or other devices like Microsoft has implemented this to unlock their security. It is just like the fingerprint that you use as a way to unlock your phone, or in the biometric, to register yourself. Similarly, the facial recognition to unlock your phone.


This facial recognition technology that was used by the Microsoft. But it was not performing well because it failed to recognize the individual who has a darker skin tone. As it was installed to recognize only a particular style, whether it was a light skin color or a particular hairstyle, automatically those who did not fulfill the criteria were not getting recognition. This was seen to be a cause of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.

Artificial Intellegence catches up with humans

The case was filed against the Microsoft, so now they decide to remove the disparity, and it has modified the facial recognition technology with the aim to remove the racial discrimination.

According to Hanna Wallach, a specialist in AI transparency and fairness blogged that if artificial intelligence were being trained to carry out any particular act especially against human, it is also necessary that it must be disciplined not to keep the disparity.

She was a firm believer that such tech fault happens when society is not well versed with the equality and failed to redirect their invention according to the necessity.

Hence our MICROSOFT has announced how it has remodeled their identity proof method.

They are reducing the error of facial recognition by reducing the fairness model.

They are now going through a detailed survey of the diversity that is present in the world. Now they have also identified the dynamic skin tone of the people to improve the FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY