New Skype Experience for Windows 10: Latest Features

In today’s busy schedule making contact with friends is really tough. Skype is the ideal one to make it possible. It is a software that permits us to contact our family, friends from anywhere in the world. People use Skype to send messages, voices, documents, free videos and calls. It uses for both personal and office purpose.

skype for windows 10

Just 2 months ago Microsoft brings a new version of Skype for Windows 10. It has been updated by a new version of UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app. They bring several changes in this new app. They are-

New Calling Factors:

There are a number of changes of this features. Such as-

  • Microsoft announces a new  “Flexible Group Canvas”. Here, you can choose the contacts from the original call canvas. Not only this, now you can alter between contacts too. For doing this simple drop and drag features are also available.
  • Here, in this updated version now you are able to take “snapshots” also. You can take this while you are in a call too. This is a very user handy feature. So, with the help of this feature, you can take an image of your important file or a memorable time.
  • “Screen sharing”  also an important one. This technology makes it possible to share your screen with others, that too during a call. It also gives access to see your contacts more easily.

Customization Enhancement

Now you can choose a color, and theme for Skype according to your wish. You can customize that too. It enables both dark and light theme in this version. It providing a variety of colors too to customize the app. If you want to modify the colors or theme, then select your “Skype username”. A pop-up window is there, right?  There you will see the options to change all those things.

Get A Trial

Do you want to test the new version of Skype at first? It is also possible.! You just need to engage in the “Skype insider program” and then download the update.  Then, search for the ‘preview builds ‘ of Skype. Next, click on “Join preview”. Now, you are able to try the new version of Skype.

Some Other Changes

This new Skype providing us with some other changes also. For example, changes in chat list, cloud etc. Do you want to know about this in detail? Then read with me the following points-

  • Chat list—  It arranges your contact list by status and time. Now, you can see more contacts on your screen. You can collapse the chats too.
  • Cloud-based—Skype is now cloud-based!. So, you can share the files, images, videos more easily and fast. Not only this, you can share up to 300mb by simply drag and drop the items. This new version consumes less battery also.
  • Cross-device functionalityYou can access on Skype from any devices. It is a multi-device supporter. Such as- desktop, mobile, smart speakers etc. You can get a touch of your friends from any corner of the world.

These are the new features through which you can have a great experience of Skype for Windows 10.