The Best and Worst Antivirus of 2018: Know Your Final Security Choice

Cybersecurity is something you cannot compromise with. In view of the latest breaches, online safety is a must priority.

Would it be wrong to say that antiviruses are our only choice? Perhaps not. They at least help you understand what malware you are up against.

Accordingly, every antivirus software has their own set of weapons. After all, every second of your online presence is important from a security point of view.

But among the number of antivirus programs, which one can you rely on? Of course, we have seen 2018 introduce some finest security features and antivirus software.

Nevertheless, we can compare security easily based on certain aspects.

By comparison, we have two polls to look out for. If I go by expert ratings, Kaspersky Premium wins the race.


What New Kaspersky Introduced in 2018?

Did Kaspersky really steal data? Well, Russians have quite a knack for hacking.

Under those circumstances, the developers had to do something. And so, Kaspersky Antivirus played a masterstroke.

Now, they can keep a private eye on your online presence. So, you can see what file tried an unauthorized access to your PC.

The premium version is worth every dollar. I vouch for that. Kaspersky’s Firewall is one of the most efficient offline security providers.

Then again, I remember Windows Defender whenever I mention Firewall. No doubt, the Microsoft powered Defender updates and restricts efficiently. At length, it had disadvantages.

Windows Defender couldn’t control a parsing ransomware. It simply gets associated with your digital transactions. As a result, your monetary security can be compromised.

Kaspersky does the job for you. It’s browsing scheme protects your online transactions. But, there is much more to it.

The recent update says that Kaspersky is planning to provide an alternate browser gateway.

Which is?

An alternate path from your browser where you can pay online. Of course, the security would be controlled by Kaspersky Internet Security.

So far, so good!

However, if I see the people’s choice, Bitdefender has much to say. The best part is it’s amazing UX and menu laid on the table.

All options are available on the homepage. And the app- it is a must try!

But not all antivirus programs are that efficient. Yes, we have a loser as well.

Are You Really Looking to Download K7?

I remember my friend calling K7 antivirus a chewing-gum. That is, K7 has got a bad habit.

It follows the principle of never to uninstall. Once this gets installed on your system, uninstalling is something of a dream.

Moreover, it leaves some component or feature behind when you use its official uninstallation app.

But, does it do the job well?

Surely not, or else International Cybersecurity Council would not have given it a 3 rating.

The offline security features of K7 are not quite up to the mark. In the same fashion, its online security features are weak as compared to others.

So you see, the list is open to you. I hope this comparison helps you in choosing the best security antivirus for your protection.

Is LINUX Really Virus-Free : When 17.3 Cinnamon Tasted Bad

It is not at all funny when the security of LINUX is questioned. After all, most of the world’s interface is based on LINUX kernel. Although the percentage of its populous on home PCs is way too less!

But we can always ask the million dollar question- is it really safe? If I take the quote from Ubuntu, which has the taste of LINUX- You do not need to use it.

LINUX has no antivirus for it. The reason is due to the fact that the code is itself highly secure.

Most of the antivirus software I know do not support LINUX. There is no need for it in particular as well.

For example, infected drivers and external devices are not even accepted. Unlike Windows, there is no room for external malware attack.

LINUX operating system

Can the Possibility Be Rejected?

Of course not!

The last 17.3 version of LINUX mint got a hit- officially. The developers confirmed an internal attack due to file infection.

Cinnamon tasted bad!

And suddenly, the world of web developers was in turmoil. The safest known Operating System has been compromised.

The thing happened because a certain PHP developer tweaked a code on WordPress. Loads of WordPress was at stake.

Although, everything was restored quickly. Usernames, passwords, plugins, website data, etc. was put back in its place.

Unquestionably, the internet requires caution and LINUX seemed to be no different than that. We have seen before antivirus programs failing to safeguard files.

Another key point is the Operating System. Windows is vulnerable and everyone knows that. Ubuntu guarantees a certain kind of protection and its good.

As far as Mac is concerned, security has been the most reliable one. Macbooks have been known to block some of the most advanced viruses and trojans.

But, Is There Any Antivirus?

The thing about LINUX operating system is coding. If you see yourself as a master coder, LINUX is just the thing for you.

Th reason is simple too. Most of the mainframe kernels are designed on LINUX. So you cannot take any chances of an attack.

By the same token, nothing is safe on the internet. The last file infection in LINUX came online through WordPress.

Having an antivirus just in case of fail-safe is reasonable enough.

Surely, there are a few antivirus programs which love to support LINUX. In fact, there are 3 namely- Comodo, ClamAV, and Sophos.

All these antivirus software are free and have no premium version for the LINUX operating system. Keeping in mind the gravity of protection, Sophos is something I would personally prefer.

Preventing an Attack on LINUX

Preventing a malware attack is better than using antivirus programs later.

There are, however, a few things you can keep in mind while working on LINUX.

  • Do not go for unknown attachments. Emails are the haunting house of spams. Make sure your spam filter is on before you proceed. Also, do not forget to do an initial virus scan.
  • Be extra careful while coding on the LINUX operating system. A slight error can invite certain threats and potential firewall breaches.
  • Always be updated with the reliability of the source of a file download.
  • Have a Windows OS on your system as well. In that way, you can check for file infection through Windows and then proceed to work on LINUX.

Do you have anything else to say? The comments are open for you. Let me know what you think about it.

The Best Anti-Virus For The Year Of 2018 That You Should Use!

Do you have a device that you use for official or personal purpose? Thus, it is important that you protect your devices 24*7. The Best Antivirus 2018 consists of exclusive features to help your system stay away from malware and bugs along with hackers.

The reason for the same is simple.

The Best Antivirus 2018 not only protects your system. These also update regularly to continue providing top-notch online security. After all, what’s important that your private information on any electronic device?

Best Antivirus

You need to understand the features of these Antivirus 2018 before choosing any of them. Antivirus will keep you safe no matter what.  You must completely make sure of the fact that every year you choose the best antivirus.

What’s The Best Antivirus for 2018?

Following is the list of the best antivirus for the year of 2018 that you can absolutely come across with:

  • Trend Micro Internet Security

The very first on a list is the trend micro Internet Security. It provides you with some of the excellent features and that too in the simplest way possible.

Trend Micro Internet Security

It has one of the best records of detecting the viruses and that is nothing less than 100%. One of the important features that it portrays is definitely the fact that it helps you optimize your social media privacy settings. Also, the data detection skills are incomparable.

  • Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky is one of the Best Antivirus Software of 2018. if you go through the reviews, you’ll know why.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software

It is one of the best of the security services that you can offer your PC as well as Mac devices with. It not only offers you hundred percent direction of any threats but also ensures that there are no false news, updates or any other information.

  • F-secure safe

Speaking of Best Antivirus, we cannot ignore F-secure safe. Apart from detecting viruses, it takes care of your personal VPN and banking details. You will never be allowed to enter any false banking sites without permission at all.

F-secure safe Download

Wrap Up

This is all about the Best Antivirus Software in 2018. Have I missed out on any? You are free to suggest or advise in the comment section below.

Here, I have tried to craft the most relevant and beneficial antivirus software to protect your devices. Whether it is a PC or an Android device, you will always need an antivirus software.

Top 5 Chrome Antivirus Software To Prevent Hacking From Your Systems

Do you have any record of the increasing number of cyber crimes taking place in today’s world? It is humongous. Staying away from cybercrimes is not possible. But, I’ll tell you what’s possible. Chrome Antivirus Software is possible. Strong Internet Security is possible. Prevention before the cure is possible.

Strong online security is a must today. You can achieve this by putting strong passwords, and going for transactions only on those sites that are SSL certified.

Chrome Antivirus Software

These are not enough for your cyber safety. There is more to this to remain safe and stress-free. One such easy method to protect your online life is to add a chrome extension to your chrome browser.

Recently, Chrome has launched a series of Chrome Antivirus Software that you will get in there extensions.

Chrome Antivirus Software – An Overview

  • Pure VPN

None can take the place of Pure VPN. Being the leading VPN site, it provides users online privacy that does not match easily and advanced security.

Pure VPN Login

The speedy internet access makes it widely acclaimed. Besides, it does not ask for log maintenance. This Chrome Antivirus Software lets you enjoy unlimited streaming, cent percent secured browsing, and display of a host of servers.

  • Trustware Secure Browsing

If you want to make searches easier and surf online safely, opt for Trustware Secure Browsing. It is a free browser that links to several search engines like Bing, Google, and social networking sites.

Its features are:

  • Easy to use
  • Ratings beside each link
  • Real-time security
  • It will not track the history of the user,
  • It will not install any additional programs.

Zen Mate

It is another extension that is beneficial to online security. Beginning from encryption of online traffic to hiding your IP address Zen Mate does an excellent job.

Its features consist of: provides complete security and privacy without bringing any hindrance to your freedom, very trusted software used by millions all over the globe, enjoy internet service without any fear or restrictions, procures unlimited bandwidth and fast internet speed.

Moreover, it does not follow any restrict logging policy.


Similarly, Ghostery is built on the same constraint for a clean, fast and safe online experience. Once you add this to chrome, it will protect you from targeted advertising, site analytics or social media by providing you with the option to block some or all of them.

Ghostery Security Services

This Antivirus Software includes blocking unnecessary trackers, displaying multiple dashboards, getting details about the tracker, block trackers automatically, optimizes page performance, and above all, protects privacy.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear looks up to getting access to blocked sites with full-on protection, reduces ads or websites to track you, get up to 500 MB for free each month, get 1 GB on tweeting on their tweeter handle, browse unlimited data.

TunnelBear VPN

How To Protect Your Mac Devices From Antivirus Attacks?

Honestly, Macs are less prone to attacks by viruses or malware. But that does not mean they are immune to all kinds of attacks. Apart from adware, ransomware, password theft or your iPhone got stolen, there are high chances of Antivirus Attacks.

Therefore, there is always a need for good antivirus software for Mac. Choose an antivirus for Mac that will catch hold of the spreading malware is highly important.

antivirus attacks

The other criteria to be kept in mind are as follows:

  • Guard ransomware whenever found
  • Stay miles away from virus infected files
  • Safeguard old systems with outdated software
  • Prevent your device from being a carrier of a virus

You will find many antivirus software claiming to provide a decent level of prevention. But there are very less that perform at the highest level possible.

The Best Software For Mac To Prevent Antivirus Attacks

The winner is Sophos Home Premium. The features are:

  • Strong malware protection
  • Continuous monitoring of ransomware
  • Guarding device against unwanted apps
  • And some other extra features.

These extras demand separately licensed software. What makes it easy to shield threats from some fun apps is its cloud-based configuration and bountiful licensing. Irrespective of the fact where you stay, the software will do its work against antivirus attacks.

  • Free Antivirus Software

Although there is no complain regarding Sophos, still you can try out Avast Free Mac Security. Sophos offers a free version but Avast is the best for macOS in terms of free antivirus.

According to the Internet Security Tasks, 99.9% of malware was detected in Avast and it was a 100% in Windows malware. But if you are not satisfied with this service, you can opt for a better version.

antivirus for mac

Must-Have Factors In Antivirus Software

Before an antivirus can enter and cause a huge disaster on your device, the antivirus software balance the threat. So, the software should prevent the system from downloading, installing and executing the detrimental software.

Once you visit various websites, or download some attachments or use USB drives, your antivirus software should scan the external applications constantly. So, the configuration isn’t a tough task to do.

When the software detects the harmful files, it will send them to a special folder in the software. The harmful files will meet its horrifying fate (Delete) after a time period.

protect mac

Your antivirus software should keep a record of the certain changes that goes on in those infected files. All these should be done by the antivirus automatically. Ransomware is a huge platform for money making today.

It quickly encrypts user files such as documents and emails and then wipes away the original ones. This is not only a loss for your device but also creates a huge loss on your part too. This is perhaps the greatest dangers a Mac device can face.