Is LINUX Really Virus-Free : When 17.3 Cinnamon Tasted Bad

It is not at all funny when the security of LINUX is questioned. After all, most of the world’s interface is based on LINUX kernel. Although the percentage of its populous on home PCs is way too less!

But we can always ask the million dollar question- is it really safe? If I take the quote from Ubuntu, which has the taste of LINUX- You do not need to use it.

LINUX has no antivirus for it. The reason is due to the fact that the code is itself highly secure.

Most of the antivirus software I know do not support LINUX. There is no need for it in particular as well.

For example, infected drivers and external devices are not even accepted. Unlike Windows, there is no room for external malware attack.

LINUX operating system

Can the Possibility Be Rejected?

Of course not!

The last 17.3 version of LINUX mint got a hit- officially. The developers confirmed an internal attack due to file infection.

Cinnamon tasted bad!

And suddenly, the world of web developers was in turmoil. The safest known Operating System has been compromised.

The thing happened because a certain PHP developer tweaked a code on WordPress. Loads of WordPress was at stake.

Although, everything was restored quickly. Usernames, passwords, plugins, website data, etc. was put back in its place.

Unquestionably, the internet requires caution and LINUX seemed to be no different than that. We have seen before antivirus programs failing to safeguard files.

Another key point is the Operating System. Windows is vulnerable and everyone knows that. Ubuntu guarantees a certain kind of protection and its good.

As far as Mac is concerned, security has been the most reliable one. Macbooks have been known to block some of the most advanced viruses and trojans.

But, Is There Any Antivirus?

The thing about the LINUX operating system is coding. If you see yourself as a master coder, LINUX is just the thing for you.

Th reason is simple too. Most of the mainframe kernels are designed on LINUX. So you cannot take any chances of an attack.

By the same token, nothing is safe on the internet. The last file infection in LINUX came online through WordPress.

Having an antivirus just in case of fail-safe is reasonable enough.

Surely, there are a few antivirus programs which love to support LINUX. In fact, there are 3 namely- Comodo, ClamAV, and Sophos.

All these antivirus software are free and have no premium version for the LINUX operating system. Keeping in mind the gravity of protection, Sophos is something I would personally prefer.

Preventing an Attack on LINUX

Preventing a malware attack is better than using antivirus programs later.

There are, however, a few things you can keep in mind while working on LINUX.

  • Do not go for unknown attachments. Emails are the haunting house of spams. Make sure your spam filter is on before you proceed. Also, do not forget to do an initial virus scan.
  • Be extra careful while coding on the LINUX operating system. A slight error can invite certain threats and potential firewall breaches.
  • Always be updated with the reliability of the source of a file download.
  • Have a Windows OS on your system as well. In that way, you can check for file infection through Windows and then proceed to work on LINUX.

Do you have anything else to say? The comments are open for you. Let me know what you think about it.