The Best and Worst Antivirus of 2018: Know Your Final Security Choice

Cybersecurity is something you cannot compromise with. In view of the latest breaches, online safety is a must priority.

Would it be wrong to say that antiviruses are our only choice? Perhaps not. They at least help you understand what malware you are up against.

Accordingly, every antivirus software has their own set of weapons. After all, every second of your online presence is important from a security point of view.

But among the number of antivirus programs, which one can you rely on? Of course, we have seen 2018 introduce some finest security features and antivirus software.

Nevertheless, we can compare security easily based on certain aspects.

By comparison, we have two polls to look out for. If I go by expert ratings, Kaspersky Premium wins the race.


What New Kaspersky Introduced in 2018?

Did Kaspersky really steal data? Well, Russians have quite a knack for hacking.

Under those circumstances, the developers had to do something. And so, Kaspersky Antivirus played a masterstroke.

Now, they can keep a private eye on your online presence. So, you can see what file tried an unauthorized access to your PC.

The premium version is worth every dollar. I vouch for that. Kaspersky’s Firewall is one of the most efficient offline security providers.

Then again, I remember Windows Defender whenever I mention Firewall. No doubt, the Microsoft powered Defender updates and restricts efficiently. At length, it had disadvantages.

Windows Defender couldn’t control a parsing ransomware. It simply gets associated with your digital transactions. As a result, your monetary security can be compromised.

Kaspersky does the job for you. It’s browsing scheme protects your online transactions. But, there is much more to it.

The recent update says that Kaspersky is planning to provide an alternate browser gateway.

Which is?

An alternate path from your browser where you can pay online. Of course, the security would be controlled by Kaspersky Internet Security.

So far, so good!

However, if I see the people’s choice, Bitdefender has much to say. The best part is it’s amazing UX and menu laid on the table.

All options are available on the homepage. And the app- it is a must try!

But not all antivirus programs are that efficient. Yes, we have a loser as well.

Are You Really Looking to Download K7?

I remember my friend calling K7 antivirus a chewing-gum. That is, K7 has got a bad habit.

It follows the principle of never to uninstall. Once this gets installed on your system, uninstalling is something of a dream.

Moreover, it leaves some component or feature behind when you use its official uninstallation app.

But, does it do the job well?

Surely not, or else International Cybersecurity Council would not have given it a 3 rating.

The offline security features of K7 are not quite up to the mark. In the same fashion, its online security features are weak as compared to others.

So you see, the list is open to you. I hope this comparison helps you in choosing the best security antivirus for your protection.