The Most Terrifying Browser Issues With Easiest Solutions

Which is the best internet browser you know about? Firefox, Chrome, Safari- can you swear they never misbehaved?

I know you cannot!

Among the pile of errors, I have listed the top 5 browser issues, which I feel, is degrading your surfing. And yet, we cannot blame them.

If we talk about Google Chrome (my personal favorite and the world’s too!), it is being updated on a regular basis. Frequent bug fixes and performance optimization updates are rolled out constantly.

But sometimes, it is more than what meets the eye. Browsers keep on updating to enhance their UX. But it has side-effects which sometimes may affect your OS.

You do not want that, do you?

If not, the very first hurdle of your browser experience is compatibility.

Browser Issues

What are Browser Compatible Issues?

It happens loads of times. The Operating System and your internet browser are not compatible with each other. But why?

Every Operating system supports ‘bits’ and every software must fit in that ‘bit’. It’s more or less like building a house on the allotted piece of land.

Incompatibility issues show up when your browser setup doesn’t meet the compatibility requirements. The specific browser may not install, or even if installed, might not open.

What can you do?

Make use of the internet!

SERP has millions of websites providing you compatible and free download links. But trust the parent. The parent websites always provide the most secure and compatible download links.

How to fix cross-browser issues?

What to do if you love both Mozilla and Chrome? Get them on your system and enjoy browsing in whichever internet browser you want.

That is exactly when browser issues arise. Cross browser problems cause cache interlinking and sometimes interfere with one and another.


If you ever open Task Manager (from Windows perspective), you might find Mozilla eating up the drive in the background.

There is no need to uninstall Mozilla although it is one way. As alternatives, you can sleep Mozilla Firefox from any cleaner software. Or, you can also end the process from the Task Manager.

What Can You Do During Browser Caching?

You do not want your precious storage to be brimmed with issues, do you? The cache provides the helping hand in jamming useful memory.

The thing is, the browser keeps on gathering the downloaded data everytime you open a website, download, follow a link, etc. So, the entire free memory is used up in storing unnecessary data.

Not quite unnecessary though! Let me rephrase- As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common browser issues.

Cache Removal is Easy!

Continuous surfing keeps unregistered storage of cookies and cache. You can go to Temp Folder from your Windows Dialog Box.

This temp folder stores all browser data together with browsing information. Do not delete the folder. Instead, delete the content and relaunch your browser.

And do remember to clear your browsing history too. You never know what issues have shaken hands together to create browser issues.

So that is all you need to know about the most common browser issue. If you have any other internet browser problem, do let me know in the comments.