Fix Your Printer Problems In Windows PC

Printer plays a very essential role in everyone’s life. From student to the professional field, the printer is needed everywhere. It is a device, that accepts text from a computer device and transfers it into a paper. Many printers are available in the market and known for their reliability. Even though they have a good brand value, the technology shows technical issues. No technology is immune to malfunctions! With time any electrical device will prone to technical errors.

Is your printer not working?  Are you not able to cope up with the situation?  Don’t worry this article will help you out.


Some Common Solutions to troubleshoot your printer problems:

Printer malfunction means stopping in between your important work. Obviously, the first and most simple step is to check if your printer is on. Then try to look if it is connected to your Window PC. In order to fix issues we sometimes miss out the most common and simple steps.

  1. Paper Jam: First and foremost problem is a paper jam. For the printer user, this is the most common problem. Wrong paper type and worn out rollers are the primary reason for a paper jam.
  2. Ink and Tonner Issue: Sometimes your printer is unwilling to print. A user can face either ‘not recognized’ or leakage of cartridges. You have to check if your printer has enough ink.
  3. Ghosting: It is a condition when image prints properly but a lighter copy of image prints somewhere else. Drum unit is the primary reason for ghosting, check if it is needed to change.
  4. Check Printer’s Queue Dialogue: In order to fix the issues relating to  Windows, you need to check Queue Dialogue. To troubleshoot the problem, open and check the print queue dialog of Windows.
  5. Diagnose Your printer: Sometimes you need to run a diagnostic function of the printer to troubleshoot problems. Go to Hardware and Sound and open Device and Printer. In there select properties and run diagnostic function.
  6. Poor Print Quality: Sometimes printer may give poor printing quality. Running Printer’s Diagonastic can fix this problem.
  7. Set Default Printer: Windows automatically select a printer as your default printer when you print in it. In order to disable it, you need to disable the ” Let Windows Manage my Default” option.

Enjoy an Uninterrupted Printing:

These are the few common problems which will arise when you are using printers in Windows PC. Whenever your printer stops printing, don’t get paranoid. Troubleshooting them is easy and you can do it on your own. Sometimes printer gets technical issues if not maintained properly. With time, any electrical equipment will prone to system breakdown. Through the above-mentioned steps, you can certainly troubleshoot your printer. This article provides you with a range of problems you can face while printing. Fix your printer and enjoy uninterrupted printing.