Gmail Privacy Concern – Developers Have Access To Your Account

Privacy alert for all the Google users out there as it has been recently reported that Gmail app developers are reading user’s private emails. It has been a long practice that did not come to notice from quite long and is now doing the rounds. The trouble starts with the application providing access to the third party app developers. This way, they gave the complete access to view any content in your inbox.

However, Google is trying to clear up the air by confessing that it provides the authority only to the developers after getting user consents. The access is achieved with the help of a permission box that you may have viewed before. If you have given the access to view your content. You may have provided the access without your knowledge. If that is the case with your account then you are also one of the million users whose emails are read by the Gmail third-party app developers.

Gmail Privacy Concern

Who read your emails?

The main troubling factor in this regard involves certain email managing firms. These portals seek the access from a varied number of user sources and then provide them to third-party apps. These are indeed quite challenging as any kind of add-on feature can misuse a certain data to its advantage.

It is similar to that of crossing a privacy boundary and breaching the security system of a user. The question to ask in this respect is directed towards the permission system designed by Google itself.

How to get rid of this situation?

One easy way out is to simply revoke the apps that appear untrustworthy or suspicious to you. Also, it should also be a part of the Google authorization system as well. although it happens to almost any email services that have the third party authentication access. However, that does not disregard the biggest email service provider that is Google.

You also have the option of accessing the service of some other secure platform. Just make sure whether you are giving full access to some non-iCloud users or not. This is because of the reason for which they will get view access to your emails. They also should not get the edit privileges apart from the view only access.

It works in a way that you can even manage the settings from the advanced settings options on your content. It makes anybody having the link or site of your email is able to view the content or even comment or edit onto it. Thus, to secure unauthorized changes to the system, it becomes quite crucial to safeguard your email contents.

Thus, make sure that your emails are safe enough to eliminate fraud interaction within the account. This way you will not only protect your personal data but will also track online fraudulent activities possessing a risk to your account.

Technology is here to save us from the unpleasant activities taking place on the internet. Thus, as the biggest email service provider, Google should safeguard its users from any kind of privacy breaching concerns.